Meet the Instructor

Hi, I’m Christina Quick, the Tarot Biz Mentor!


I'm a Guide between the crossroads of the meaningless daily grind of the muggle world and a new, parallel Universe of greater sense of being present in our lives by making full use of our psychic abilities and intuitive gifts to embody our Divine Life Purpose.

And I’m not alone -- more and more are waking up to their sovereignty and power, and Guides like me are being called to lead the misfits, the rebels, the outsiders… the glittering, star-shaped souls who can no longer bend to break trying to fit themselves into society’s square-shaped holes.

How do I help Lightworkers?

I’m a Psychic Business Mentor and Online Marketing Strategy Specialist who assists Lightworkers in building their business from the ground up, develop brand recognition for greater impact, and generate consistent cash flow so that they can cut through the noise and busywork to get back to doing what they do best -- helping lots of people and make tons of money.

I have 20 years of entrepreneurial experience both online and in-person, and this sacred space is where I share my tips to build an online business you love, and that loves you back.

Are you ready to shift from trusted Tarot reader to respected Spiritual Life Coach?

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